History of Art

Trace the development of art in Ireland through objects in the Museum.

History of Art Tour

This tour, aimed at Leaving Certificate Art History students, chronologically traces the development of art in Ireland through objects in the Museum.

This tour begins in prehistoric Ireland, taking in relevant objects from the Neolithic period, the Bronze Age gold collection, and Iron Age La Tene objects. From prehistory the discussion leads to early Christian and Medieval Ireland, with a focus on metalwork.

Students are encouraged to examine key objects, with the emphasis placed on material, form, decoration and techniques.

Key Curriculum Strands

Leaving Certificate Art Syllabus
5. History and Appreciation of Art
Section 1 – Art in Ireland (from Prehistoric times to the present)

Maximum: 30 per group. Duration: approx. 45 minutes.
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Self-Directed Visit

Teachers, should you wish to bring a school group to the Museum on a self-directed visit, we recommend that you give advance notice of your visit using the Group Booking Form.

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In The Classroom

Before your visit, help your students beocme familiar with art terms and styles which are discussed on your tour using our Leaving Certificate Art History Notes. If you would like these notes, contact us.


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