Kingship & Sacrifice: Bog Bodies

Discover Iron Age finds from Irish wetlands including bog butter and the mysterious 2,000 year old bog bodies

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All groups who are coming to the Museum must book their visit with the Bookings Office.

Kingship & Sacrifice - Bog Bodies Tour

Discover more about life in Ireland 2,000 years ago through examination of facinating finds from Irish bogs including the mysterious Iron Age bog bodies.

Through investigation, students can learn why these people may have been placed in the bogs, what their role might have been in society and even what their last meal was!

On a tour you can:

  • Learn how bogs can preserve clothing, butter and human remains
  • Come face to face with a 2,000 year old bog body
  • Discuss possible reasons for human sacrifice in prehistory
  • Discover evidence for Celtic influence in Ireland
  • Examine connections between ancient kingship rituals and the bog bodies
  • Hear about scientific techniques used to examine and preserve finds from bogs

Key Curriculum Strands:

SESE History

Section I How we find out about the past

  • The work of the historian
  • How we find out about the past
  • Our roots in ancient civilization
  • Using evidence
  • Technology and innovation
  • Continuity and change over time
  • Life, society, work and culture in the past

Maximum: 15 per group. Duration: 45 minutes.

Tours should be booked at least two weeks in advance, via the Bookings Office.

Want to explore on your own with your class?

We recommend that you give advance notice of your school group visit by contacting the Bookings Office.

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In The Classroom

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