Handling Collection

Handle replica Prehistoric arrowheads, Medieval armour and more!

Museum workshops  are designed to meet the needs of a range of learning styles and provide opportunities to handle high-quality objects.

Object-based learning encourages students to use and develop a range of skills including language and listening skills and critical thinking skills. Workshops also:

  • Demonstrate the importance of multiple perspectives
  • Develop perceptions, ability for reflection and problem solving
  • Encourage students to think as archaeologists, through hands-on, object-based learning.

The Education and Outreach Department have a collection of objects which can be handled by the public. Presently the collection consists of replica Mesolithic and Neolithic objects, Early Christian material based on the Faddan More Psalter and a variety of Viking and Medieval objects; these replicas were carefully researched and based on what is in the main collection of the Museum.






The replica ceramics (pictured below right) represent a large time span from the oldest piece a replica domestic round bottomed pot from the Stone Age or Neolithic, to the Medieval 13th century puzzle jug of the type found in Dublin.

Prehistoric pottery

Also part of this collection is a replica large encrusted funerary urn similar to the one found in a Bronze Age a pit burial in Co Wicklow. However most of the replica pottery relates to life in Medieval Ireland, this includes a ceramic moneybox, ladle, puzzle jugs and serving jugs.

The handling collection is maintained by the Education and Outreach Department and is used in workshops for schools. Please check our schools programme for details about these events:

Schools Programme 2012 to 2013: Primary - Archaeology (1.89 MB, Adobe PDF)