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Activity Sheets & Learning Resources

For use at the Museum, at Home or in the Classroom

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Object Fact Sheets

Click on the image to get the factsheet


General Activity Sheets




Make and Do....

Click on the image for instructions of how to make St. Bridget's Crosses & St. Patrick's Badge. To learn more about these festivals click here



Discover Ireland's Past through English

For students of the English Language:



Find Out About....

Click on the worksheet images on how we celebrated, the work people did, what we wore in the past. Also information on straw, hay & rushes and the house building project.




Preserving the Peace Learning Resources


Exhibition Information Panels:

     Introduction (1023KB, Adobe .pdf)

  1. An Garda Síochána (939KB, Adobe .pdf)
  2. Crime (1.2MB, Adobe .pdf)
  3. Michael John Carney (2MB, Adobe .pdf)
  4. Peace Preservation Force (1.3MB, Adobe .pdf)
  5. Poitín (1MB, Adobe .pdf)
  6. Policing in the late 1700s (810KB, Adobe .pdf)
  7. Punishment in Victorian Ireland (622KB, Adobe .pdf)
  8. Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) (1.5MB, Adobe .pdf)
  9. Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) (992KB, Adobe .pdf)