Clothing in the Past

Interactive Tour and Dyeing Experiment

Tour: Natural materials and how clothes were made.

Focusing on the ‘Aran Islands Clothing’ and ‘Clothing the Family’ sections of the
galleries, particular attention is drawn to the clothing styles, the raw materials and the processes and techniques involved in making the clothes Activity (Materials & Change: Wool Processing): the group is shown fleece in its raw state, how to card raw fleece and how to use a drop spindle. The group will be given an opportunity to use the carders and drop spindle.

Workshop: Dyeing experiment with red cabbage.

An introduction to clothing in the past, the processes involved in dyeing, natural and chemical dyes.


Part 1: Dyeing material using red cabbage. 

Part 2: Using left over cabbage water as an indicator for acids and alkalis.

Download Information and Resources:

Tour and Workshop Description (202KB, Adobe .pdf)

Glossary and Wool Dyeing with Onion Skins (153KB, Adobe .pdf)

1st - 6th Class
SESE: Science, Geography, History
Wednesday, Thursday or Fridays 10.00am – 12.30pm