'The darkest hour is just before the dawn'

An exhibition of art works inspired by the 1916 Rising

The Community Exhibition, 'The darkest hour is just before the dawn', supports and promotes the work of the adult learning community in the area local to the Museum. The groups engaged with were HACE Daughters of Charity Services and the Active Retirement Association Phibsboro.

This is the third year that the Museum has exhibited the work produced by these groups, under the tutelage of artist Janine Davidson. The provision of a national platform for the display of artworks created by members of art groups in the area local to the Museum is intended to publically acknowledge this relationship.


By annually giving over space to the exhibition of the art works produced by these two groups, the Museum is not just reaching out, but inviting them in. In doing so, we aim to acknowledge the Museum, as more than just a place to visit to look, but as a public space to inhabit and own.


The Education and Outreach Department would like to extend a special thanks to all of those who exhibited art works and in particular to Janine Davidson, without whom this exhibition would not have taken place.

For a pdf of the exhibition flier click here, or for more information on the project contact Eimir O'Brien, Education and Outreach, National Museum of Ireland 01 8816 515.