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Universal Design: creating innovative solutions for daily life

Partnership project and exhibition with Enable Ireland, Dublin Institute of Technology and Purdue University (USA)

What is this exhibition about?

This exhibition looks at how the principles of Universal Design have been embodied in work produced by Expert Users of Assistive Technology* (AT) and Product Design students from the Dublin Institute of Technology.

The Expert AT Users shared their experiences of daily living challenges with the students and collaborated with the students to design potential solutions.


Why is the Museum supporting this initiative?

Designed objects make up a large part of the Museum’s collections. The collection and display of contemporary objects forms a central part of our remit. Access to the collections and exhibitions for all audiences is also a core value. This is why these designs and the collaborative processes by which they were produced are so relevant, inspiring and exciting.

Many of these designs are potentially life-changing and the involvement of Expert AT Users in a co-creative design process has a huge impact on the work being produced. The designers are better informed, resulting in the users getting something they really need and want.