Teacher Resources

We provide a range of educational resources and activities for school groups.

Please Note: Guided and self-guided group visits to the new exhibition Proclaiming a Republic: The 1916 Rising are now booked up to June 2016. If you wish to explore 1916 at the Museum, you could visit Soldiers and Chiefs, Asgard and Recovered Voices: The Stories of Irish at War, 1914-1915.

We provide a range of educational resources and activities for school groups:

  • Tours and workshops
  • Self-directed visits
  • Activity Booklets

Alternatively, you can print out a copy of our Primary or Secondary Schools Programme 2015 - 2016. Advance bookings for all options is recommended.

In The Classroom

You'll find suggestions for what you can do in the classroom under the topics in Primary and Post-Primary.

Soon we'll also be making Interactive Whiteboard material available for your classroom.


We're continually improving and adding to our online Museum resources.

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‘1916 Object Stories' - Online Resource

A new online resource designed for primary and post primary teachers and students based on key objects from the National Museum's Easter Week Collection will be available from spring 2016. This resource will feature high quality images of a bicycle, medical bottles, flags and many other objects used in 1916. It will also include fact sheets, video, activities and teachers notes.