Skullduggery Workshop

Investigate and examine different animal skulls just like a zoologist during this hands on workshop.

Museum Educator showing an animal skull to a school group in the Discovery Zone

At the Museum

Important Information

All groups who are coming to the Museum must book their visit with the Bookings Office.

Tours and workshops must be booked at least two weeks in advance.

Skullduggery Workshop

  • Examine different animal skulls including an extinct saber tooth cat
  • Compare all the different bones in a skull and learn how to spot the secret powers of animals including their sense of smell
  • Investigate the different shapes and sizes of teeth and what that can tell us about the animal and it's diet
  • Discover the importance of eye placement when analysing animal skulls
  • Imagine that you are a paleontologist that has just discovered a new species of dinosaur, how would you tell if it's a predator or prey  

Class level: 1st class to 6th class

Maximum 30 per group. Duration 60 minutes.

Wheelchair accessible.

Key Curriculum Strands


  • Investigating and experimenting
  • Living things
  • Environmental awareness and care

In the Classroom

Before your visit why not take a 3D virtual tour of the Natural History Museum in the classroom with your students.