The Teddy Bear Tour

Bring along your favourite teddy bear on this specially designed tour to introduce younger children to the Museum.

Child touching a stuffed badger in the Museum

At the Museum

Important Information

All groups who are coming to the Museum must book their visit with the Bookings Office.

Tours and workshops must be booked at least two weeks in advance.

The Teddy Bear Tour

  • Bring along your favourite teddy bear and get a loan of one of the Museum's teddies for the duration of the tour
  • Examine the claws of a stuffed badger and rub it's furry belly
  • Discover the differences between teddies and other toys, compared with real bears and other animals on display at the Museum
  • Hear the secret stories about the animals that live in the Museum
  • Create some animal sounds - trumpet like an elephant, roar like a lion and munch like a panda

Class Level: Infants to 2nd Class

Maximum 30 per group. Duration 45 minutes.

This tour is not wheelchair accessible.

Key Curriculum Strands

Aistear Themes

  • Well-being
  • Communicating
  • Exploring and thinking

Science Curriculum

  • Investigating and experimenting
  • Living things
  • Environmental awareness and care

In the Classroom

Before your visit why not take a 3D virtual tour of the Natural History Museum in the classroom with your students.