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Meet the people behind the Antiquities Division and its Collections

The Antiquities division has a staff of nine, including a Keeper, six Assistant Keepers, Senior Technical Assistant and Clerical Officer.

Antiquities Division Staff



Areas of Expertise

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Keeper of Irish Antiquities      
Assistant Keeper, Grade I Mary Cahill
  • Bronze Age collections;
  • history of collections and antiquarianism.
Assistant Keeper, Grade I Nessa O'Connor
  • Heritage Law;
  • Underwater Archaeology.
Assistant Keeper, Grade I Dr Andy Halpin
  • Archaeology of Medieval Ireland;
  • Archaeology of Viking and Medieval Dublin;
  • Medieval Weapons and Warfare.
Assistant Keeper, Grade II Maeve Sikora
  • Archaeology of Viking Ireland;
  • burial archaeology in Ireland;
  • Cypriot collection.
Assistant Keeper, Grade II Fiona Reilly
  • Roman collection;
  • Archaeological licensing;
  • Medieval parish church architecture;
  • Contact Curator for Ethnographical collections.
Senior Technical Assistant Margaret Lannin
  • Object restoration;
  • Mounting and display of archaeological collections;
  • Object handling;
  • Accessing reserve collections on behalf of researchers.

Clerical Officer

Eamonn McLoughlin
  • Contact person regarding applications for Internships.