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Kildare St

Over a hundred years ago the National Museum of Ireland commissioned the six replicas of High Crosses.

The purpose of this commission was to supply the Kildare Street museum, and by request other museums, with copies of these monuments to display as examples of artistry from Irelands ‘Golden Age’.

The popularity of the Celtic Revival in the 19th century not only encouraged Irish people to explore the countryside recording High Crosses but also saw replica High Crosses shipped across the world.

The National Museum of Ireland, following in this long standing tradition, would like to invite the public to help in the search for Ireland's High Crosses.

The Irish search

Within Ireland, this search involves visiting our facebook pageLinks to external website and submitting photographs of your local High Cross.

You can download and use the distribution map to find your nearest High Cross or log onto Archaeology.ieLinks to external website and use the Monuments Database to locate the ecclesiastical site nearest to you.

While the majority of High Crosses have been recorded crosses are still being discovered on a regular basis.

The International search

Internationally, we would like people to visit their local museums and if they find a replica Irish High Cross to visit our facebook pageLinks to external website and send us as much detail as possible.


Pictures which include people will not be accepted in this search.

Please remember that these monuments can be up to 1100 years old and can be in very poor condition. The National Museum of Ireland would ask that you respect the monuments at all times and to not touch them or remove vegetation from around them. To damage a National Monument is illegal.

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