Frederick Mac Manus (1903-1985)

Frederick McManus Bedroom 1933 with dressing table by Betty Joel 1930, rug by norah McManus, lights by Oswald Holman

During the 1920s and 30s many Irish designers and architects studied, worked or trained abroad. Art Deco and International Modernism slowly filtered through into furniture design. Frederick Mac Manus from Dun Laoghaire Co. Dublin had a successful career as an architect designing social housing and modest furniture.

Initially training in Ireland, then New York he finally came to prominence with the firm Tait and Lorne in London in 1927. Designed to complement the quilted veneered maple dressing table by English designer Betty Joel, Mac Manus created this bedroom suite in 1933 for his London home.

The bedside cupboards have pink cellulosed recessed tops. The wardrobe doors have a detailed matt chrome escutcheon lock. The six drawer unit has chrome plated drawer handles. The veneered fireplace houses an old Ferranti electric radiant heater. The tubular steel stool was made by the firm PEL. The chrome bedside electric wall lights with pink pleated buckram shades were designed by Oswald Holman in 1930. The floor rugs designed by Norah MacManus were inspired by the work of Edward Mc Knight Kauffer. Mac Manus donated his bedroom suite to the National Museum in 1984.

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