Contemporary Designers

21st century room

Contemporary Irish furniture looks to future sustainability. Working with ecologically friendly materials, designers and craftsmen embrace innovative designs using traditional tools and techniques. Nest Furniture Design created the Gabriel sideboard, cast in 'jesmonite,' a water based and environmentally friendly composite.

John Lee’s Carraigeen chest of drawers is inspired by the natural landscape. Its textured surface is achieved by hand shaping and carving which is finished by the piece being grit blasted by copper slag. Using traditional cabinetmaking techniques, Knut Klimmek and Nigel Henderson designed the shelf unit made from American cherry with blue cobalt glass shelves. Susan Zelouf and Michael Bell’s Drum cabinet is composed of carefully chosen materials, combined with the highest level of craftsmanship.

Zelouf and Bell's Koi Table is inspired by the work of Eileen Gray, and is presented as a body of work inspired by the Irish designer and the early 20th century in this filmLinks to external website.

Sasha Sykes - the screen

Others borrow the functional and aesthetic paradigms of bygone furniture, giving them a novel twist. Made from acrylics, resins and organic materials, Sasha Sykes’s laminated screen explores the dichotomy of fragility and preservation in our rural landscape. Whereas her Carlow chair is a modern twist on the traditional Sligo or Tuam chair. Joseph Walsh’s sculptural Suaimhneas chair explores the rocking chair in a contemporary context.

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