Drumcliffe, Co. Sligo


Plaster-of-Paris replica SA1909:9

This cross was cast in 1907. The works were conducted at a cost of £75 and were supervised by the Museum foreman, Mr. Francis de Sales.

Original Cross

The High Cross from Drumcliffe dates to the eleventh or twelfth century when the schools of art underwent a revival due largely to a reform of the church. As with the earlier crosses, geometric patterns such as interlocking spirals and interlaced animals are evident. An example of which is on the south side where two crested dragons with interlaced bodies, forelegs and ribbon like tails are evident. The cross also bears a number of unique features including animals in high relief under the wheel arch of the cross and positioned centrally on the shaft. The break in decoration where the shaft and head meet and the dramatic narrowing of the pellet moulding indicates that the two pieces may not have been designed to form the one cross.

Figure sculpture

The east face displays (from head to base)

• The second coming of Christ and the Last Judgment

• Daniel in the lion’s den

• David slaying Goliath

• Adam and Eve

The west face displays (from head to base):

• The crucifixion of Christ

• The return from Egypt or the circumcision of John the Baptist

• The second mocking of Christ

• The naming of John the Baptist

The ends of the arms show Mary holding the Christ child on the south face and the north arm is occupied by an animal.

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