What's In Store?

Explore the links below to find out more about the contents of each section in the store.

Row 1

Pugh Glassworks, Modern & Contemporary

Row 2

Archaeological Glass, Venetian Glass

Row 3

18th and 19th-Century Irish Glass

Row 4

Persian & Indian, Art Nouveau, Continental

Row 5

Frederick Vodrey, Italian maiolica, Spanish maiolica, Islamic pottery, French faience, Dutch delft

Row 6

Della Robbia: Birkenhead, Belleek, Irish delftware, Queen’s Institute, Carrigaline, Contemporary

Row 7

Japanese porcelain, Chinese porcelain, Wedgwood, German stoneware

Row 8

Japanese shrines, Bender Collection, Chinese ivories & lacquer

Row 9

Burmese Statuary, Japanese Lacquer

Row 10

Tibet, Persia

Row 11

Indian Subcontinent

Row 12

Japanese Samurai, Ivories & Enamels

Row 13

Scientific Instruments, Watches

Row 14

Irish Silver

Row 15


Row 16

Enamel, Pewter

Row 17

Sheffield Plate, Bronze, Brass

Row 18


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