Row 8

Japanese shrines, Bender Collection, Chinese ivories & lacquer

The term ‘Amidanyorai Zazo’ is used to designate the Japanese shrines as seen in this row. They were placed in the home and formed the focus of worship. In some cases they were beautifully gilded and set within compartments, which could be closed.

The Albert Maurice Bender (1866 - 1941) Collection of Far Eastern Art was donated to the Museum by Bender himself throughout the 1930s and is of significant international importance. This major donation was made in memory of his mother Augusta Bender and was given to the land of his birth, as he was born in Dublin. Bender made his mark on the city of San Francisco where he became an insurance broker, patron of the arts and trustee of Mills College, Oakland. The Bender Collection consists of T’angka paintings, woodblock prints, robes, jade, snuff bottles, ivories, pewter, ceramics, religious statuary, dolls, agate, rock crystal, glass, lacquer, soapstone and sculpture, some of which are shown.

Within this row can be found Cantonese enamelled metalwork, Chinese clay figures, carved rhinoceros horn, objects associated with the Confucian and Taoist religions and agalmatolite. Particular mention should be made of the Chinese ivories and lacquer. Indeed, contrast of design between these objects and their Japanese counterparts in Rows 9 and 12 is apparent, as Chinese ivory is characterised by its pierced effect.

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