Medieval Ireland 1150 - 1550

Please note that as with all exhibitions on the first floor of the National Museum of Ireland - Archaeology and in the absence of lift, this exhibition is regrettably not wheelchair accessible. See further accessibility details.

The exhibition contains three galleries entitled Power, Work and Prayer, reflecting the three-fold division of medieval society - nobles, common people and clergy.

The lifestyle of nobles is explored, while surviving arms and armour reflect the distinctive characteristics of warfare in medieval Ireland.

The exhibition looks at the different forms of agriculture (pastoral and arable), which were practiced. Finds from urban excavations illustrate Ireland’s import trade and the various crafts and industries operating in towns.

The Irish church changed fundamentally in the 12th Century, although many older church traditions survived. The exhibition also looks at religious practice and devotion as well as church furnishings, including a fine selection of late medieval reliquaries: book shrines, bell shrines and croziers.

Location: National Museum of Ireland - Archaeology, First Floor, Kildare Street, Dublin 2.

In this Exhibition
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