Prehistoric Ireland

This exhibition documents human settlement in Ireland from the stone tools of the first hunter-gatherers around 7000 BC to the bronze weapons of the Late Bronze Age around 500 BC. A reconstructed Passage Tomb provides a backdrop to the tools, pottery and personal objects of the Neolithic farmers, including a beautifully decorated flint mace head from Knowth, Co. Meath.

The introduction of metalworking around 2500 BC and its development are documented. Copper axes and daggers, shields, cauldrons and cast bronze horns (the earliest known Irish musical instruments) are displayed. The exhibition also contains jewellery made from amber, glass and stone as well as wooden examples of shields, wheels and cauldrons. Prominently displayed is a 4,500-year-old logboat from Lurgan, Co. Galway - one of the largest vessels of its type to have been found in Ireland.

In this Exhibition
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