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The National Museum of Ireland - Archaeology is a popular choice for tourists and visitors who do not speak English or Irish.

Floor Plans and Exhibition Details

For a quick overview of the exhibitions, download the Floor Plan in the language of your choice:

Guide Books 

Archaeology Guide Book Cover - EnglishLinks to external website
The Museum of Archaeology Guide Book is a beautiful collection of illustration, images and in-depth information about the Museum.

If you wish to purchase the book in English, visit our online shop.Links to external website

You can also download PDF copies in a number of languages:

Archaeology Guide - Englishks_guide_web_en.pdf (2.26 MB)

Archaeology Guide - Irishks_guide_web_ir.pdf (2.27 MB)

Archaeology Guide - Germanks_guide_web_de.pdf (2.27 MB)

Archaeology Guide - Spanishks_guide_web_es.pdf (2.27 MB)

Archaeology Guide - Frenchks_guide_web_fr.pdf (2.27 MB)

Language School Groups

  • The Museum welcomes group visits by Institutes that cater for students of English as a foreign language.  
  • Currently we are unable to provide guided tours for Language Schools so all visits are self-directed.
  • Please note that the Group Leader is asked to remain with the group at all times and we recommend the ratio of leaders to students is 1 to 15.
  • We would recommend that all group who are on self directed visit do some preparatory work in the classroom, have tasks to complete during their visit and do post visit work back it the classroom. 
  • Download and read our Language School Visit Policy language school policy 10.12.08.pdf (0.16 MB, Adobe PDF) before your visit.
  • Please give advance notice of your visit by emailing bookings@museum.ie or calling +353 1 677 7444.

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