Primary Schools Competition: In my grandparent’s time …this is your life!

As grandparents have been around for a long time, it is not surprising that they are a font of knowledge about life in the past. Many older people love to talk about when they were young and can pass on unique memories to children and help them learn more about their own heritage and history.

For this year’s competition we are asked school children to find out about life in the past by talking to their grandparents or an elderly person they know. They could then enter by sending in a book with all their hard work!

It was a great success with over 140 entries. We were very impressed with all the wonderful entries we received and enjoyed reading them all.

Well done to all the pupils and teachers for all their hard work. Many of the children commented that they really enjoyed getting to know their grandparents, granduncle or grandaunt better!

We are delighted to announce the winners and give you a sample of their books:

In My Grandparent's Time - Primary Schools Competition Winners In My Grandparents Time Primary Schools Competition Winners.pdf (0.85 MB, Adobe PDF) 

Thank you

Well done to all the children for all the hard work they put into their books. A special thanks to teachers, schools, families and grandparents who helped out.

You can view more entries on the Our Irish Heritage websiteLinks to external website.

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