Shopping at the Museum

The shop at National Museum of Ireland - Natural History is currently closed for an indefinite period. You can still purchase any of the following products online.

Natural History Guidebook

The Natural History Guidebook (left) is available online for delivery to your door.

It is a beautiful collection of illustration, images and in-depth information about the exhibitions.


Children’s Books: We cover a range of topics from educational books to help with homework to well loved story books like The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Ice Age Poster Pack

Posters: We have a wide variety of posters including the Ice Age poster pack which includes fun games all based on exhibitions in the Museum.

Models: Choose from our range of lifelike model animals.


a selection of gifts from teh Museum shop

Children’s toys: Soft toys, educational games, colouring books, bug viewers, binoculars, telescopes, stationery, key rings, stickers and more.


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