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At the National Museum of Ireland - Decorative Arts & History you'll find Irish haute couture garments, furniture, silver, jewellery, ceramics, and exhibitions exploring Irish military history, including the 1916 Easter Rising.

The 1916 Rising exhibition examines the decade of disturbance between 1913 and 1923, from the Dublin Lockout, through the Easter Rising to the end of the Civil War.

Bofors Gun

Broken down into three themes, the Soldiers & Chiefs exhibition looks at Irish soldiers at home, Irish soldiers abroad, and Irish soldiers in the 21st Century (pictured left).

This exhibition traces Ireland’s military history from 1550 into the 21st Century and on display are over 1,000 objects from all over the world. It is on permanent display over eight galleries, covering 1,700sqm in Collins Barracks.

The Irish Silver Collection is one of the largest in the world and this exhibition traces the development of the silversmith’s craft from the early 17th Century to the present day. 

The Way We Wore Gallery
The Way We Wore
exhibition (pictured right) displays stylish clothing and jewellery worn in Ireland principally from the 1760’s to the 1960’s. This is an eye-opening look at Irish fashion through the ages, showing how new clothing technology and European influences affected what people wore.


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