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Image of whale at Natural History Museum - National Museum of Ireland

Also known as 'The Dead Zoo', the Museum's 10,000 exhibits provide a glimpse of the natural world that has delighted generations of visitors since the doors opened in 1857.

Female peregrine falcon Falco peregrinus from Co. Donegal

The building is a ‘cabinet-style’ museum designed to showcase a wide-ranging and comprehensive zoological collection and has changed little in over a century.

The Irish Room on the ground floor is dedicated to animals native to Ireland, featuring a variety of mammals, birds (like the Peregrine Falcon from Co. Donegal pictured right), fish, and insects.

Giant Irish Deer - Megaloceros

The giant Irish deer skeletons (one pictured left) found at the entrance of the Museum are some of the most famous and distinctive animals on display here. One of the skeletons has an antler span of 3.5 metres.

On the upper floor you will find an elephant, polar bear, lions, an array of monkeys, apes and lemurs which make up the Mammals of the World collection.

Other popular favourites include Spoticus the giraffe, and a 20 metre long whale skeleton suspended from the roof (pictured at the top of the page).

Life On Land Activity Cart at Natural History - National Museum of Ireland

The Discovery Zone within the Museum gives adults and children a unique chance to get to grips with a Badger (pictured right) and a Pilot Whale skull.

This hands-on area has two mobile units with the themes: Life on Land and The Life Aquatic.

A Reading Room provides an opportunity for visitors to sit and read more about the many animals which are on display and other topics related to Natural History.

Research visitors are always welcome to the collections in storage. Scientists, artists and historians are among the visitors actively encouraged to contact staff for access. See our section on Research Services for more information.

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