Tours, Floor Plans, & Guidebook

1st floor of Natural History Museum

The Museum is perfect for browsing at your own leisure. We also run tours and workshops that give you an opportunity to delve deeper into the natural world.


  • Gallery Talks are run subject to availability. Please check the Calendar of Events for times and costs. 
  • Family Tours, Inspectoriums and My Museum Workshops give families with young children a chance to handle objects and experience the Museum in a unique and exciting way. Please check the Calendar of Events for times and costs.
  • Currently we are unable to provide Group Tours and Workshops for school and other group visits, so all visits are self-directed. Advance notice of your visit should still be given so that the Museum can accommodate your group size. To discover resources which will assist in planning school visits, please visit our Explore and Learn Pages.

Self-Directed Visit

The main benefit of a self-directed visit is that you can take in the Museum's collections at your own pace and focus on the areas that are of a particular interest to you. Don't forget, however, that our knowledgeable attendants and staff are on hand to assist you with any questions you may have.

To help plan your visit:

Floor Plans

For a quick overview of the exhibitions, pick up a floor plan when you are at the Museum, or download it here:


Natural History Guidebook

The Natural History Guidebook (pictured left) is available from the Museum shop or you can and have it delivered to your door.

It is a beautiful collection of illustration, images and in-depth information about the exhibitions.

Guidebooks and floorplans are also available in multiple languages.

Visitor Vox Pop

Natural History Visitor Vox Pop Image
"I came to the Museum today as one of the major stops on our holiday...I really like that a place like this exists... It's important that the public is made aware of the various animals that are in existence on this earth..."

Watch Vox Pop (01:29)

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Want a Quick Spin Around?

Natural History - top floor view
Check out 360° views of the exhibitions in Natural History.

360° Exhibition Images
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