360° Museum Images

Natural History - top floor view

To give you an insider's view of the museums, we've created 360° images that you can scroll and zoom around.  You can even see areas that are off limits to visitors!


Decorative Arts & History - Exhibition Galleries

 Decorative Arts & History - Grounds

Natural History - Ground Floor & First Floor

Natural History - Second & Third Floors

(currently closed, so sneak a peak here...!)

(Please note that these images were taken prior to the reopening in 2010 and some exhibits have since been moved around the Museum.)

Country Life - Exhibition galleries

Country Life - Turlough Park House

Country Life - Grounds & Facilities

(Please note that since these images were taken, some of the exhibits may have been moved and temporary exhibits may no longer be in the Museum.)
    How to use the 360° images

    Clicking and dragging in the  picture changes the angle of view. Use the mouse scroll wheel  to zoom in and out.

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