Group Tours

Group Tours

Book a tour for groups of 8 or more visitors.

Tours are subject to availability and cost €40 per guide.

Choose from the following:

General Tour (also available as gaeilge)

  • Introduction to Turlough Park House, it's history and surroundings
  • Historical and environmental context
  • Living and working in the community
  • Links to seasonal traditions

General Tour with a focus on one of the following:

  • Activities in the Home
  • Working on Land & Water
  • The Trades
  • The Cycle of Life
  • Seasonal Calendar
  • Historial Context

New! Temporary Exhibitions Focus

Find information on our latest exhibitions.

Housing in the Last 100 Years

Housing styles, traditional materials and techniques.


Natural resources and recycling in the past.

Saints, Patterns & Patrons

Did you know that St. Kevin is the patron saint of blackbirds?

Find out about the lives, legends and legacies of Ireland’s holy men and women.

Celtic Revival and Cultural Nationalism

Find out about the growth of cultural nationalism in Ireland in the late 19th century.

Fact or Fiction Tour

Which guide is telling the truth and which one is making it up? You decide!

Nature Ramble

What are the seasons, how do they affect trees, plants and animals? Learn to identify trees.

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