Object Number: IA:1990.62-68

Dress-fastenerHoard of gold ornaments. Late Bronze Age 900-700 BC. Although this hoard was originally disturbed during site clearance at Ballinesker, Co. Wexford, it was not discovered until the topsoil was redistributed. It consists of two dress-fasteners, a bracelet, three ear-spools and part of a fourth. The dress-fasteners and bracelet are substantial pieces of solid gold. They are very well made, but undecorated and lightly polished. Of the ear-spools, two are a matching pair of cylindrical form while the others are a complete bobbin-shaped spool and a fragment of another. The decoration of the ear spools is closely comparable to the gold collars. W. of largest dress-fastener 14.70 cm; wt. 280.00 g; D. of ear-spool 7.25 cm; wt. 33.6 g;130 g; wt. of hoard 666.00 g.

Collection: Irish Antiquities Division - Antiquities Collection

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