Object Number: IA:1959.693-698

NeckletHoard of gold ornaments. 1400-1200 BC. This hoard of unusual objects was found during turf-cutting at Derrinboy, Co. Offaly. The necklet which is made from gold wire wrapped over a leather thong is a unique piece. The wire was produced by hammering and has been estimated to be 15m in length. The armlets are made from heavy sheet gold, decorated with elaborate patterns of parallel rows of raised ribs. The smaller rings are also of heavy sheet and decorated with closely spaced, finely incised lines. The armlets closely resemble similar objects known from Denmark and suggests links between Ireland and the Baltic area which the trade in amber also supports. L. of armlet 7.10 cm; wt. 69.9 g.

Collection: Irish Antiquities Division - Antiquities Collection

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