Object Number: IA:01E1140.1-14

TorcHoard of gold torcs, amber beads and bronze bracelets. Early Iron Age 300 BC-200 AD. Dooyork, Co. Mayo. This hoard was found in 2001 on the beach at Dooyork, Co. Mayo. The hoard contains four gold torcs (three complete and one fragment) made from narrow bands of gold very tightly and evenly twisted. The terminals were simply made by forming small conical terminals from the ends of the bars. Found at the same place were seven amber beads and three bronze bracelets (two complete and one fragment). The bracelets were made from thin rods of bronze decorated by carefully incising a series of lines across the rod which gives the impression that the rod has been twisted. The amber beads are differ slightly in size and shape and may have been part of a necklace of graduated beads.

Collection: Irish Antiquities Division - Antiquities Collection

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