Object Number: IA:1940.2a-d

BraceletHoard of gold ornaments. Late Bronze Age 900-700 BC. When found in a bog at Kilmoyly North, Co. Kerry, in 1940, these objects, three bracelets and a dress-fastener - were in an oak box which, unfortunately, has not survived. Two of the bracelets are solid with expanded terminals, while the third is made from a thick, c-shaped band. Gold bracelets of various forms are very common in the Irish Late Bronze Age – over two hundred have been recorded. The dress-fastener is solid with deeply hollowed terminals. None of the objects is decorated. It is not unusual to find small hoards of gold ornaments deposited in bogs during this period. W. of largest bracelet 9.30 cm; wt of hoard 57.85 g.

Collection: Irish Antiquities Division - Antiquities Collection

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