Object Number: IA:W265

BullaBog of Allen Bulla. One of a group of gold foil-covered bullae. Late Bronze Age 800-700 BC. Image from left - Bog of Allen, Co. Kildare, Arboe/Killycolpy, Co. Tyrone (IA:305/53), River Bann, Co. Antrim (IA:1906.160), Kinnegoe, Co. Armagh (IA:1906.447), No locality, Ireland (IA:W264). These heart-shaped objects consist of a core of base metal or clay, covered in finely decorated gold foil. Called bullae after the amulets well known from classical Europe, they were intended to be worn as pendants as each one can be strung through the cylindrical opening at the top. They are decorated with various combinations of concentric circles, geometric motifs and gold wire filigree. Whether or not they were intended to protect the wearer may never be known, but as they are of extremely rare occurrence we can assume that they were prized possessions which confirmed the status and wealth of the wearer. L. 6.4 cm; wt. 146.9 g.

Collection: Irish Antiquities Division - Antiquities Collection

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