Object Number: IA:1872.15

ShieldBronze Shield. Late Bronze Age c.700 BC. Found in a bog between Ballinamoona and Herbertstown, near Lough Gur, Co. Limerick. Beaten from a flat sheet of bronze, the corrugated surface was then beaten from behind. There is a central raised boss surrounded by seven concentric ridges, inter-spaced by six rings of hemispherical bosses. The rim is strengthened by turning in the edge. There is a handle on the back behind the boss, held in place by two domed rivets that fit unobtrusively into the inner ring of bosses. Similar rivets hold two sling loops in position. Affording as it does less protection against sword slashes than would the leather shields of the period, the object may have functioned mainly as a parade shield. A proposal that the object was wrapped in textile when deposited would not appear to be correct. D. 71.3cm.

Collection: Irish Antiquities Division - Antiquities Collection

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