Asgard Studio

Asgard in the workshop

Erskine Childers' historic yacht, Asgard, which brought guns and ammunition used in the 1916 Rising into Ireland in 1914, is undergoing a detailed programme of conservation and restoration at the National Museum of Ireland, Collins Barracks.

Although there is considerable damage to the vessel's hull, mostly local in nature and due to rusted fastenings, the majority of it dates to 1905 when it was built. This and other aspects of the vessel’s structure are being dealt with in a professional conservation context, with protection being the key approach. The aim is that of saving and restoring as much original material as possible, and replicating in original form components that are beyond saving or are missing. 

Asgard structure

A boat-yard workshop environment has been created in the old Collins Barracks gymnasium (pictured above). A small and dedicated team of expert Shipwright’s are now in the midst of a complicated, multi-faceted and quite original process to ensure Asgard’s survival, with the majority of her original structure saved and preserved in the long term.

When Asgard is restored she will be placed on display with masts and rigging in place, providing an opportunity to view the entire vessel fully rigged for the first time. 

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