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  • Irish Witch Traps and Related Phenomenon
  • 19/10/2013
  • 19/10/2013
  • 12-1pm
  • Lecture
  • Archaeology
  • Adults
  • Kildare Street (Archaeology)
  • Eamonn Kelly, Keeper of Antiquities at the National Museum of Ireland will discuss his fascinating research on witch bottles and other devices used to protect dwelling places from egress by witches. Witch bottles were placed around doors, windows and fireplaces to protect the inhabitants of dwelling places from witches. To celebrate Samhain, an example of a 17th century witch bottle found in excavations at Bow Lane, Dublin will be on temporary exhibition on the first floor of the Museum. Located in the Ceramics Room, first floor. No booking required. Limited places will be assigned on a first come basis. Not wheelchair accessible.
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