Ceramics & Glass Studio

The ceramics and glass conservation studio of the National Museum of Ireland is based in the Conservation building in Collins Barracks. 
Examining an 18th Century Chinese enamel bowl
Objects examined, cleaned and conserved here include ceramics and glass objects from the Art & Industry division (4,000 glass objects and over 10,000 ceramic objects), the Antiquities Division (all the ceramic and glass material in Kildare Street), the Natural History collection (including a world famous collection of over 560 Blaschka glass models), and Turlough  Park House, where the Folklife collections are on display.           

Conservation work on the Museum's ceramic and glass holdings involves active conservation of groups of objects for exhibitions.

Ceramics conservation

Work on these objects includes examination, cleaning, stabilisation and in some cases loss compensation. As well as remedial conservation on material for exhibitions, preventive conservation is ongoing in storage areas and linked with documentation to ensure that the stored collections are safely and suitably housed. Conservators also offer advice on mounting and display for exhibitions. 

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