Documentation Discoveries

documentation teams working on the collections
Find out about rare objects, exciting collections and unusual specimens discovered in the course of the museum’s Five Year Inventory Project. 
Flax Clove
Flax Clove, c.1850

A 19th century Flax Clove, known in Irish as a Tlú Lín.

Daggers made from flint
Late Neolithic Flint Daggers from Denmark

What can one small object tell us about status and industry in prehistoric society?

Dimerocrinus decadactylus
A Fossil Crinoid: Dimerocrinus decadactylus

A beautifully preserved fossil crinoid dating from the Silurian period, 443 to 416 million years ago.

Tin mug
Tin Objects made by Donegal Traveller and Musician

A look at two simple tin objects made by Mickey Doherty in the 1950s, a well-known Donegal traveller and musician.

Deck of tarot cards
A Deck of Italian Tarot cards

A richly illustrated deck of Italian Tarot cards, made in the 19th century.

Impressions on An Ancient Shore

A piece of sandstone from Scrabo, Co. Down, and the vanished world it represents.

Trabolgan Stone Head
A Face from the Past

A Possible Iron Age Anthropomorphic Stone Carving from Trabolgan, Co. Cork

Silver Hoard
A silver hoard and the "Tara" Brooch: the discrepancy over their findplace

The story of how a hoard of silver jewellery became associated with the “Tara” brooch is a curious one.

Apple snail from Paraguay
An Apple Snail from Paraguay

This apple snail was collected in Paraguay in the 19th century.

Two half moulds and maker's stamp
Two Half Moulds for ’Derry’ Clay Pipe

The nineteenth century clay pipe business of the McGuigan family of Broughderg, Co. Tyrone.

Printing Press Shooter – Printing the Proclamation of Independence

A small, inscribed brass ‘shooter’ was used to lock the type on the press used to print the Irish Proclamation of Independence.

Glass Crop Bead
Glass Cable Beads from Co. Antrim

A collection of unique and beautiful Irish beads from one of Ireland’s most prolific collectors.

Giant clam
A Giant Clam from Singapore

The Fluted Giant Clam was once an abundant and essential resource for Pacific Islanders.

Patchwork quilt
Patchwork Quilt Cover

A patchwork quilt cover in a style known as “Grandmother’s Flower Garden” made by Evelyn M. Booth, a notable amateur botanist and naturalist.

Corinthian helmet
Corinthian Helmet 7th-6th Century BC

This Corinthian helmet was beaten from a single sheet of bronze in ancient Greece.

Miss Gwendoline Stacpoole with Miss Primrose Neville
Miss Gwendoline Clare Stacpoole: An Unsung Heroine of Irish Archaeology

Celebrating the contribution to Irish archaeology of one of its unsung heroines, Miss Gwendoline Clare Stacpoole.

Plaster cast of Moa bird's skull
An Extinct Moa Bird from New Zealand

Fossil of a very large, flightless bird, native to New Zealand and made extinct about 600 years ago.

Diptych Sundial
Diptych Sundial

A diptych sundial from Co. Monaghan, dated 1839

Tobacco box
The Dutchman’s Log Box

Perpetual calendar and speed chart engraved on tobacco box, dated 1729.

Kilkenny Cathedral's stained glass
Medieval Painted Glass from St Canice’s Cathedral, Co. Kilkenny

A collection of painted and stained glass fragments has helped piece together the remains of a shattered history and a lost museum.

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