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Scoodoos are sculptures made from branches and twigs from trees of many species including birch, alder, rowan, willow, fuschia and spruce. Thin wire is used to bind the branches and the larger sculptures are held in place using wooden posts. Ciaran Burke and his wife Hanna started making Scoodoos in November 2012 as an artistic project to raise awareness about the importance of trees in our lives and to educate about wider environmental issues.

To coincide with National Tree Week last March, a Scoodoo trail was set up on the grounds of the National Museum of Ireland – Country Life in Turlough Park, Castlebar. Over 18 sculptures (including ‘baby’ Scoodoos) were located around the grounds. An information panel provided the name of each Scoodoo and facts about the tree including some history and folklore. The grounds of Turlough Park were perfect for a trail like this with the sheer variety, age and diversity of Turlough Park’s trees. Museum visitors were encouraged enter the scoodoos competition this summer where they were tasked with finding all 18 scoodoos located throughout the grounds.

The scoodoos have now left Turlough Park but hopefully they will make a return visit again next year……

The trail was very well received by Museum staff, Mayo County Council who has responsibility for maintaining the grounds and from schools. From the feedback left in our comment books, on Twitter and on Facebook, it looks like the public really liked it too.

If you want to find out more about the world of Scoodoos check out www.scoodoos.comLinks to external website.  

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