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Events at KS

The Museum's education team have planned and organised a variety of events, workshops, tours and learning spaces for everyone.

You can come on your own or in a group, join a tour, book a workshop,get information on a project or attend a lecture. And it's all free.


Would you like to...

  • Learn how Ireland's first people caught fish 9,000 years ago
  • Examine how Vikings ironed their clothes
  • Make a prehistoric pot
  • Talk to an expert about ancient worlds
  • Gain a new skill like calligraphy or print-making
  • Discover more about the past -from sword-handling to cloth weaving  

Families and Young Children: Discover how a visit to the Museum can captivate your children's attention and activate their imaginations. 



Adult: Whatever your age there's lots to do. Attend talks, tours and seminars, join in an event or gain a new skill.




Students: From Celtic Bog Bodies to Medieval Iong-bows, find out about the past and explore what's at the Museum for you.



Teachers: Our curriculum-linked programmes and resources are fun and tailored to your needs.

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