Féile na Tuaithe

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It is a huge disappointment that, due to severe budgetary cutbacks, Féile na Tuaithe 2012 will not be taking place in the grounds of the National Museum of Ireland – Country Life. This cancellation of this year’s events is a very big loss not just to the local community around Turlough and Castlebar but to the wider community in County Mayo and far beyond.


If the Museum of Country Life is very much about the lives of ordinary people in rural Ireland in the relatively recent past, Féile na Tuaithe was an extension of the Museum’s remit to bring the craft dimension of the lives of our recent ancestors to public attention in an enjoyable and family-friendly way.

The wonderful atmosphere, and the tens of thousands of people who came, are testament of the Museum’s success in creating an enjoyable celebration of all that is best in Irish craftsmanship.


Until Féile na Tuaithe returns, staff at the National Museum of Ireland – Country Life will work imaginatively and creatively to ensure that a visit to Turlough Park is a rewarding and enjoyable visit.

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