Things To Do

Create your museum adventure in your own time and at your own pace.

Here are some ways to have fun together while you find out about life in the not so distant past:

‘Ordinary Things’ Introductory film

Be captivated by times gone by. (20 minutes)

Worksheets & Trails

Can you find Peadar, the pygmy shrew? He’s found his way in to the Museum and we need to catch him quick! Follow Peadar's trail into every nook and cranny of the Museum and be amazed at what you discover on the way.

Try this and the other activity sheets available from the Activity Carts or Education Rooms.

Take A Seat! Furniture Trail

Marvel at the creativity of the students from Letterfrack Furniture College. Take time to appreciate the imagination and furniture making skills needed to produce each unique peice of gallery seating.

Letterfrack Furniture Trail.pdf Letterfrack Furniture Trail.pdf (1.57 MB, Adobe PDF) 

Activity Area for Parents with Young Children

Stop a while and take in the views over the lake while your children enjoy puzzles, games and books.

Reading Area

A chance for older members of the familt to take time out and dip into our collection of books and magazines.

Traditional Games Box

Find out more

Replica Clothing

Country gent, Lady of the Big House or overworked maid, try one of these characters on for size!

Handling Objects

We give you the green light to get to grips with objects normally stored in a glass case.

Activity Carts

Everything you need for exploration and discovery within the Museum; clipboards, pencils, colours and activity sheets.

Information Leaflets

To help you navigate the Museum. Available in many languages.

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