Further Education & Third Level

Tour of National Museum of Archaeology

Do you want more information about the collection?

Post-graduates interested in viewing artefacts from our reserve collection need to contact and make an appointment with the Antiquities Duty Officer.

There is information about the collection and it's care online:

  • Read about the extent and origins of the Antiquities Collection
  • Search for an artefect using our Artefact Search
  • Find out more about how the Museum cares and researches artefacts and undertakes Conservation
  • You may also be interested in the Adult Gallery Talks that are held in the Museum. A full listing of these talks can be found in Calendar of Events.

Are you Interested in a Guided Tour?

We offer a variety of general guided tours of the exhibitions. All tours must be booked at least two weeks in advance by using our make a bookingLinks to external website form

Viking Sword found on a cránnog at Ballinderry, Co, Westmeath. Ninth century A.D.
Viking Ireland

Discover how and why Viking settlers came to Ireland and the archaeological evedence about daily life in Viking Ireland.

Egypt Classroom Poster
Ancient Egypt

Covering the span of Egyptian civilisation from the pre-dynastic period, c.5000BC to the Roman period, c.395AD.

Ardagh Chalice
General and Specialised Tours

Introduction to the collections and key objects within the museum.

Kavanagh Charter Horn, symbolic of the kingship of Leinster, twelfth and fifteenth century A.D.
Ireland in the Middle Ages

Discover more about the Normans arrival in Ireland and Power, Prayer, and Work through the middle ages.

Bog body hand
Kingship & Sacrifice: Bog Bodies

Recent finds and investigations of the remains of Iron Age bog bodies in Irish Bogs.

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