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Advice on visiting and planning a visit

The Museum of Decorative Arts & History is a popular choice of venue for Language Schools.

Admission is free and many aspects of the exhibitions have cross-cultural significance.

Currently we are unable to provide guided tours for Language Schools so all visits are self directed. Please note that the Group Leader is asked to remain with the group at all times and we recommend the ratio of leaders to students is 1 to 15.

We would recommend that all group who are on self directed visit do some preparatory work in the classroom, have tasks to complete during their visit and do post visit work back it the classroom.

Groups must book in advance for any type of visit to the Museum contact us to make a booking.

Pre-visit preparation

Most students do not have a vocabulary which is vast enough to encompass terms used to name and describe objects and historical themes and ideas. We would therefore recommend some work is done in the classroom so that they can understand information about the various objects and life in the prehistoric past.

One pre-visit task could be that the students themselves could create a glossary for their visit.

We would recommend that group leaders explain to students what is expected of them during the visit, if they are to fill out worksheets or follow a trail.

Setting themes

The Museum floor plan and exhibition pages give information which should assist in planning a route or theme for the students visit.

We would also advise on setting a task, which will help the student concentrate and benefit from this visit, such as discovering the type of objects which were found in Irish bogs.

Another possible task could be asking the students to discover an object from a particular area of Ireland or a particular time period and writing ‘Museum label’ for the object, including a description of it and what it was used for.

For ideas about other ways students could explore the exhibitions, please look at the online activity booklets for schools.

Post visit work

Have some follow-up work planned for back in the classroom, such as talking about a drawing they made of an object or presenting the information which they found out.

It might be that a cross curricular approach could be followed by asking the student to write a story about what it would have been like to find such an object, what living in a time period was like, or to draw an object which they sketched in the Museum. Refer to their Museum visit and what they saw when looking at course work in the classroom.


The exhibition pages contain information about the key developments and objects in a time period. There is information on part of the research collection which is not on display in the collections pages.

Find out how the Museum conserves or looks after the objects in the Museum’s collection and detailed information about some of the processes used to look after some objects.

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Download and read our Language School Visit Policy before your visit.

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