Museums and Young People - International Museum Day

On May 18th each year museums around the world run events and activities around a theme. 

We ran a seminar to celebrate Museums and Young People

Innovative Projects for Young People

Speakers from the National Museums of Wales and the Herbert Cultural Centre in Coventry were invited to present information on the innovative projects they had developed with young people from their geographical areas.

Students say it how it is!

As an integral part of the day transition year students from local colleges were invited to take part in the seminar and to make short presentations and recommendations from their own perspective. Transition year co-ordinators and post-primary teachers were also invited to attend this event with a view to contributing their perspectives on the issues raised. It was also an opportunity to gain insight into the work museums and galleries carry out in relation to young people and their challenges in attracting young audiences to visit and take ownership of Irish heritage, culture and collections.

Students from Rice College in Westport and Davitt College in Castlebar worked with their co-ordinators to develop a questionnaire on how young people view museums, what can be done to make museums more attractive to young people and whether working in a museum would be an desirable career. Most young people at the colleges engaged with the questionnaire and the transition year students presented the results and their recommendations on the day.

Music & fashion

Comments on evaluation forms filled in by the audience on the day proved this part of the seminar to be the most informative and relevant. The students were able to tell museum professionals at first hand what they felt would make museums more attractive to them. This was by relating tours, activities and exhibitions to their own interests and experiences; music and fashion for example.

As a direct consequence of the presentations made by the students and the inspiration from the speakers' presentations, we developed a project for transition year students around music, song and dance.

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