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A visit to the Museum is a great opportunity for teachers and students to learn together by exploration and discovery, through observation and discussion. A well prepared visit can be the starting point for a project or the turning point for the student challenged by the normal classroom environment.

Making the most of your visit

If possible, we advise the teacher to make a visit in advance of bringing a group in.

Meet a Museum Educator

Teachers can talk to a member of the Museum’s Education team in person at the Museum or over the phone in advance of their visit to the Museum. Contact us to make an appointment. The Museum’s educators can help teachers prepare for their visits by providing information, expert knowledge and resources on the Museum’s exhibitions, as well as advice on pre- and post-visit activities and tips on how to bring groups around the Museum.

Have an objective in mind for your visit

Build the visit into a project at school – make it more than a “day out”. For example, is the visit an information gathering exercise on your schools’ local area, is it related to an archaeological time period, or improving skills or related to another subject area such as history of art?

Set a task

If on a self guided visit, set a task for your students, for example: Museum worksheets are available for groups at the Museum Reception (or on request) or make up your own worksheets. Ask them to draw or report on one object that they see or one from a list of named objects. If you are taking a guided tour, ask them to take notes or write up a report on the tour.

Prepare the class

Prepare the students for the visit – give them an idea of what they can expect to see or have a discussion about the Museum in advance of the visit. Familiarise them with some of the vocabulary, which they might encounter in the Museum.

Post visit work

Have some follow-up work planned for back in the classroom, such as talking about a drawing they made of an object or the details of their tour.


We require that there be one adult for every 15 students. Adults in charge must remain with their group at all times in the Museum and in the grounds, and are responsible for the group’s behaviour and safety.


Free supervised parking for coaches/cars.


As cloakroom facilities are limited, children should bring as little baggage as possible into the Museum buildings. Purses and other valuables should be kept on their persons during their visit.

Lunch Facilities

If you would like to use our lunchroom, please request this facility when booking your visit.  The Museum also has a café - if you intend bringing a large group to the café please contact Brambles Cafe in advance.

How to Book a visit

All school group visits should be booked in advance - contact us here to make a booking.

More information

For more general information about visiting the museum, see:

Visitor Information

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