Plan A Visit

Talking about what's on display
For general information about a Visit, the Visit Us section contain details on opening hours, getting to the museum, cafe facilities, and accessibility.

Below we've put a few suggestions together about how your school group can get the most out of your visit.

Visit in advance

If possible, we advise the teacher to make visit in advance of bringing a group in. If this is not possible, try to talk to the Bookings Assistant or a member of the Education Team to ascertain what you require in order that we match your needs as closely as possible.

Also have a look through this website for more information about the exhibitions, for example the notes on the medieval exhibition , or  more information about the collections.

Have an objective in mind for your visit

Build the visit into a project at school – make it more than a “day out”. For example, is the visit an information gathering exercise on your schools’ local area, is it related to an archaeological time period, or improving skills or related to another subject area such as history of art?

Set a task

If you are taking a guided tour, ask students to take notes about a favourite object or write up a report on the tour. To find out what tours are available and what workshops your class can do at the Museum look at the Post Primary and Primary pages.

If on a self guided visit, set a task for your students, for example: ask them to draw or report on one object that they see or one from a list of named objects.

You could also use one of the themed activity sheets, to see what is availible check the Primary and Post Primary pages.  

Prepare the class

Prepare the students for the visit – give them an idea of what they can expect to see or have a discussion about the Museum in advance of the visit. Familiarise them with some of the vocabulary, which they might encounter in the Museum.

Post visit work

Have some follow-up work planned for back in the classroom, such as talking about a drawing they made of an object or the details of their tour.

How do I book a visit?

Email or contact the Bookings Office on (01) 648 6453.

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