Policies & Guidelines

You can download pdf copies of the NMI policies here:

NMI Code of Practice for Directors NMI Code of Practice for Directors.pdf (0.15 MB, Adobe PDF) 

NM Volunteer Policy NMI Volunteer Policy.pdf (0.08 MB, Adobe PDF) 

NMI Working Alone Policy NMI Working Alone Policy.pdf (0.12 MB, Adobe PDF) 

NMI Access Policy 2011 - 2015 NMI Access Policy 2011 - 2015.pdf (0.15 MB, Adobe PDF) 


NMI Policy - Human Remains Human Remains Final.pdf (0.03 MB, Adobe PDF)

NMI Policy - Outward LoansPolicy - Outward Loans Final.pdf (0.11 MB, Adobe PDF)

NMI Policy - ConservationPolicy - Conservation Final.pdf (0.03 MB, Adobe PDF)

NMI Policy - Education and OutreachEducation and Outreach Policy NMI.pdf (0.22 MB, Adobe PDF)

CNCI Policy Framework for ECOECO Report.pdf (0.09 MB, Adobe PDF)

NMI Policy - Acquisitions and Disposals Policy Acquisitions and Disposals Adopted 29 05 08.pdf (0.20 MB, Adobe PDF) 


NMI Code of Conduct NMI Code of Conduct.pdf (0.08 MB, Adobe PDF)

NMI Data Protection Code of Practice NMI Data Protection Code of Practice.pdf (0.07 MB, Adobe PDF) 

Audit Committee Charter Audit Committee Charter.pdf (0.08 MB, Adobe PDF) 

NMI Child Protection Policy  NMI Child Protection Policy - updated August 2014.pdf (1.28 MB, Adobe PDF) 

Acceptance form for NMI Child Protection Policy Acceptance form for NMI Child Protection Policy and Image Safe Handbook.pdf (0.06 MB, Adobe PDF) 


Advice Notes for Archaeological Excavators 20 Advice Notes for Excavators 2010.pdf (0.64 MB, Adobe PDF) 

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