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Focus on Irish History: Change and Conflict

If your class is studying Irish political and military history, there's a wealth of learning resources at the Museum for you to access.  Students can discover and learn in a range of ways, through the exhibitions Soldiers and Chiefs and Understanding 1916, using the comprehensive series of activity books.

At the Museum

Self Directed Visits

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Activity books

Exploring with activity books

Download Soldiers & Chiefs workbooks for use during your visit to the Museum along with the Guidelines for Teachers:

The Activity Books are ordered by level of challenge where 1 = easiest.

  1. Symbols Book - Primary Symbols Book 1.pdf (0.35 MB, Adobe PDF)
  2. Far From Home Book - Primary Far From Home Book 2.pdf (0.33 MB, Adobe PDF)
  3. Communities Book - Primary Communities Book 3.pdf (0.28 MB, Adobe PDF)
  4. Horsepower Book - Primary Horsepower Book 4.pdf (0.37 MB, Adobe PDF)
  5. Army Women Book - Primary Army Women Book 5.pdf (0.35 MB, Adobe PDF)
  6. Clothes Make The Soldier - Primary Clothes Make the Soldier Book 6.pdf (0.37 MB, Adobe PDF)

If you require a large number of these, please contact before your visit.

In The Classroom

In the classroom, there are several follow up activities you can do with your class to continue the Soldiers & Chiefs topic.

We suggest:
  • Make a giant timeline of the important events in the early 20th Century and then add in any family experiences of those events.
  • Look at the Barracks building, and then the school or other local buildings; draw both and compare the building designs.
  • Write a story about a soldier going abroad to fight, or a child living close to a barracks.
For more tips, see our guide on how to plan a visit.


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