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Collins Barracks is an ideal resource for teachers looking for ideas to start an art, craft or design project - see below for a range of follow-up activities for you to do back in school. 

At the Museum

You can visit on your own to explore the galleries or book a drawing workshop.  The workshop caters for up to 30 students by splitting larger groups as we try to provide one museum educator for every 15 students.

Art workshop: Go on Safari in Silver

This workshop aims to provide a “way in” to the Irish Silver galleries for primary classes, all years. Children are encouraged to explore the galleries looking for artefacts with animal motifs.  Then they design and draw their own mythical creature, focusing on form, textures and patterns.

The structure of this workshop allows it to be tailored to a wide range of learning abilities and learning styles. The workshops take place in the Irish Silver galleries and basic art materials are provided. 

This is great workshop to design a project around suggestions for back in the classroom work include:

  • Making their animals in clay, papier maché or collage
  • Creating a habitat for their animals
  • Naming their animals and writing a story or poem about them

Maximum: 30 per group

Duration: 1 hour

Curriculum Links

  • Visual Art
  • Drawing/ Construction/ Fabric and Fibre
  • SESE History
  • Paint and Colour
  • Language / Oral / Listening Skills

Bringing your class in on your own?

Drawing in the Museum

If you want to do a self-directed drawing session on your own at the Museum, we can help you with ideas and suggestions for where to go in the Museum.  We can also provide you with clipboards for drawing, if requested in advance.  Please note that groups must book through the Booking Office and can contact us here. Groups who arrive unannounced may find that they can't visit the galleries they want to see.

Follow these steps on how to get the most out of a self-directed visit.

Check out this section for more workshops that look at Art and Design.

In The Classroom
  • Bring the drawings you made at the Museum back to school and create an exhibition based on the Museum.
  • Bring back some of the Museum's promotional literature and design a Museum poster to attract schools to the Museum - think about the images you select, the Museum logo, and the important information you need to include.
  • Use the visit to focus on one aspect of art, craft or design.  For example focus on shape and forms, or objects inspired by the natural world and flora and fauna. 
  • Visit the Soldiers and Chiefs exhibition to focus on flags, uniforms and medals.
  • For a cross-curricular project looking at art and history, visit the Airgead exhibition to look at designs of Irish Coinage and money from the 10th century to the present day. Back at school, students could do a project to design and make their own money.
  • Did you see examples of design or craft in the Museum from your local area?  If you did, you could start a research project to find out more about your local area's traditions of craft, manufacturing or design.
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Tips for your visit

* For tours and workshops, the maximum number of students per group is 30.

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