KPS and Schooling in the Nineteenth Century

What was school like 200 years ago?

Book a self-guided visit to the temporary exhibition, the Kildare Place Society and 19th century Schooling.

Founded in 1811, the Kildare Place Society (Society for the Education of the Poor in Ireland) preceded the founding of the National School system in 1831.

The exhibition, open until May 2013, tells the story of the Society’s legacy in terms of teacher-training, classroom practice and school inspection. On display is classroom furniture, such as desks, and educational resources such as maps, books and instruction charts, as well as such items as monitor badges – and a cane! We offer resources for groups visiting the exhibition – contact the Bookings Office to book your visit or for more information.

Take your class back in time and visit this exhibition

Book a self-guided visit for 4th – 6th classes to see this fascinating exhibition and why not make the most of your visit with a follow-up session in our Learning Resource Room where you can explore schooling in the 19th century through a range of activities.

For more read the information sheet:

KPS Teachers information sheet NMI Teachers Information Sheet .pdf (0.47 MB, Adobe PDF) 

Please remember you must book your visit through the Booking Office.

Download the Floorplan, activities and factsheets to make the most of your exhibition visit:

KPS exhibition floorplan Exhibition Floorplan.pdf (0.22 MB, Adobe PDF) 

KPS fact sheets Fact Sheets.pdf (1.37 MB, Adobe PDF) 

KPS Three activity sheets for schools Three Activity Sheets for Schools.pdf (0.57 MB, Adobe PDF) 

Learn more about the Kildare Place Society before your visit – download these resources developed by the Church of Ireland College of Education:

Church of Ireland College of Education pre-visit information sheet Church of Ireland College of Education pre visit information.pdf (0.48 MB, Adobe PDF) 

Church of Ireland College of Education Pre-visit slideshow Church of Ireland College of Education Pre visit slideshow.pdf (4.01 MB, Adobe PDF) 

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